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Michael Jackson, March 27 1942-August 30, 2007, addressed questions from this site for nearly 10 years with great generosity and passion. He found connecting with his fans and fellow beer lovers in person and online to be enriching. Thank you for your questions. Keep asking and sharing what you learn with others.

Josh Campbell writes: Dear Beerhunter, Should I be pouring the sediment in my Delerium Tremens into the glass? I guess not, but in their white bottle it's hard not to. Any comments? In general, what of sediment in Belgian Beers. I always leave mine in the bottle but some friends of mine, and the best Belgian bar in town (which may not be saying much) tend to tip the whole lot into the glass. Are they philistines or just different strokes for different folks? Much obliged if you can help. - Josh

This answer comes from Owen Barstow, Michael Jackson's research assistant:

Dear Josh
Generally speaking, sedimented beers - especially the golden ales of Belgium - should be poured without the sediment. They should be allowed to stand and not be agitated prior to serving in order to ensure a bright, clear beer in the glass. British and American bottled conditioned beers likewise. The sediment is not harmful and there is one school of thought that believes it is quite healthy to consume the sediment separately, served in shot glass. Often, brewery taps in Belgium will serve a small amount of yeast, in a shot glass, to customers, by way of a healthy 'chaser'. Other sediment beers, especially German and Belgian wheat styles are meant to served cloudy or hazy.

Hope this helps


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