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It can be argued that beer was the cause of civilization. When humans ceased to be nomads and settled down to grow grain and make bread they did this often just so they could use that bread to make beer. Beer has played a part in many other cultural revolutions, and most of the traditional brewing countries have developed their own beer culture.

Beer Styles

The classic beer styles all originate from the northern part of central and Western Europe, but today those styles are brewed with skill around the world.

Beer Pairings

Thank the French and Belgians for cuisine à la bière. Today not only do many chefs in Europe and the United States practice the idea with gusto, but drinking better beer has become part of the all-things-fine movement.

Historical Articles

The first extensive written work on brewing was produced in 1585 by Thaddeus Hajek. In this section, I'll bring you up to date on what has happened since then in a subject that spans nearly every culture and age after 4000 BC.


There is a world of arousing aroma and flavour out there, so stimulating that they often provoke thought as well.

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