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The first extensive written work on brewing was produced in 1585 by Thaddeus Hajek. This section brings you up to date on what has happened since.

Events that happened 500 years ago and or last week effect the beers you drink and the choices you have as a consumer. These events also inform the greater enjoyment of Beer Hunting.

Beer History Index
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- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
Why the Germans should win ... MAY 25, 2006
As the World Cup warms up, Michael Jackson visits the host cities, and picks his team
A diplomatic drink JULY 9, 2002
Huber of Wisconsin JAN 15, 2002
A personal tribute to the man who made Augsburger
Wonderful beers... must it be Europe? SEPT 1, 2001
(Or could the U.S. learn to recognize its own great brews?)
How Bert Grant Saved The World AUG 3, 2001
Bold beers were the perfect weapon
Looking for the King of Beers... JULY 15, 2001 the lagering cellars of Budapest, Hungary
Did Jesus turn water into beer? MAR 1, 2001
A champion beer for Burns' Night JAN 24, 2001
Estonian, Finnish...and Orcadian SEPT 1, 2000
Going for Gose AUG 31, 2000
Reporting live from Leipzig, on a major new brewpub reviving a classic style
Why I would rather be in Philadelphia MAR 1, 1999
And answering the oft-asked question about another television series
On dark beers and aphrodisiacs FEB 13, 1999
Tips from a professional drinker JAN 2, 1999
The worse hangovers may require the most disgusting cures
Land of hops and glory AUG 29, 1998
Revealed: the intimate connection between the female orgasm, cannabis, the Talmud and the gardens of Kent
Pale and hearty JULY 11, 1998
Michael Jackson on the return of a classic pale ale, ditched by Bass, rescued by its loyal drinkers
Headless Stepan inspires a Porter FEB 1, 1998
Bread of heaven beer in Russia's post-red snows FEB 1, 1998
Heavy gravity, man JAN 10, 1998
Michael Jackson comes on strong about barley wine.
Tasting a new Lambic on the Belgian Cam SEPT 1, 1997
Willem joins the ranks of blenders making an endangered beer style
Kid and the Bear Cub brew up a storm DEC 1, 1996
The Goodland island and its ancient beers DEC 1, 1996
Gotland has 60,000 people, 96 churches, and several hundred brewers
Salty trail of Germany's link with wild beer OCT 1, 1996
Leipzig is said to have boasted 80 Gose houses in 1900
The birth of lager MAR 1, 1996
Brewed in March, matured until September
Over the moon in the steps of brewing monks MAR 1, 1996
In the ruins of St. Gall we have the earliest layout of a brewery in Europe
Sahti - rural beer with a great Finnish JAN 1, 1996
It's very drinkable, indeed, at the only pub in the world it's offered on draught
The road to red Oktober SEPT 1, 1995
What color were Anton Dreher's first lager brews?
Ale lovers must learn to say the dreaded 'L' word SEPT 1, 1995
'Traditional' beer has different meaning in different beer cultures
A draught from the past ... JAN 18, 1992
Michael Jackson meets the 'hobby brewers' for whom an 1832 Truman's ale or an 1850 Whitbread's London Porter could be a regular tipple
Younger, Milder image for the workers of beer MAY 1, 1989
Anchors up and away AUG 1, 1988
Looking back at when Anchor Steam headed to the U.K.
Trying to find a pearl of truth in oyster stout MAY 1, 1988
Beer at the Thanksgiving table NOV 16, 1983
Wine is acceptable for this annual feast, but what if you prefer beer?
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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