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Even in great brewing countries, the most interesting beers are often a minority taste. They have to be hunted.

Here are tales of beers and breweries from all the continents, including products from both new and older generations of small brewers, as well as stories about other "traditional beers" made in out-of-the-way places from millet, cassava root and other raw materials that happen to be available.

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Gone to Patagonia JAN 7, 1999
Interesting brews await in a remote part of Argentina
But what about Australian beer? NOV 1, 1999
The Australians feel compelled to ask, but riled by a candid answer
G'day, fancy an ale in Adelaide APR 1, 1992
The 'wholefood' ale from Adelaide FEB 1, 1992
Beer of the Month: Michael Jackson applauds five generations of the Cooper family, whose brew does not sparkle like a lager but goes down a treat
Thanking God for a 'precious' beer DEC 15, 2001
A devilish Christmas in Austria DEC 11, 2000
Pink Elephants: Now I'm seeing two of them SEPT 1, 2001
Life after lager JULY 1, 2001
Belgium's beery weekend SEPT 21, 2000
Visiting the brand-new Trappist brewery SEPT 1, 1999
Tasting the latest from Brother Thomas
Belgium's Great Beers JULY 30, 1999
Your guide to enjoying the country and its beers
Notes from the road: Antwerp DEC 5, 1998
The abbey habit JULY 18, 1998
The only Belgian Trappists not to brew beer have succumbed to the demon drink.
Down on your knees to bless monks' top ale MAY 1, 1998
Although monastery in French Flanders no longer brews, its influence continues
Brown ale and bike-barmy Belgians OCT 1, 1997
What were once very local beers are now widely sold as something special
Tasting a new Lambic on the Belgian Cam SEPT 1, 1997
Willem joins the ranks of blenders making an endangered beer style
Where the Ale is Good Enough to Eat JULY 10, 1993
Michael Jackson offers a beer-hunter's guide to the great brews of Belgium
Where the ale is good enough to eat JULY 10, 1993
Michael Jackson offers a beer-hunter's guide to the great brews of Belgium
Antwerp's house rule: don't drop a bollek SEPT 1, 1991
Michael Jackson's autumn trip yields several discoveries
A seasonal search for the phantom of brewing APR 1, 1991
A saintly glass with the brothers of barley MAR 1, 1991
Flexing my mussels in the Rare Fox OCT 1, 1990
Searching for the height of blackness JAN 1, 1999
In pursuit of Xingu and other beers in Brazil
Inscrutable brew APR 1, 2000
The search for Brewery Number One and some answers about Tsingtao
What to drink with a dog FEB 1, 2000
Which of China's 500 brewers can deliver the goods?
Prague abbey's new brewpub offers classic lagers JAN 7, 2002
'The Beer Gallery' ... NOV 27, 2001
Czeching out the harvest MAR 11, 2001
Pilsen and Budweis are cities in Bohemia...but the great barley comes from the state next door
Strange name, traditional beer APR 1, 1999
Celebrating small breweries in monopolistic Denmark
Notes from the road: Copenhagen DEC 8, 1998
Don't call collect SEPT 1, 1994
Soviet breweries have been making a dash for market freedom, reports Michael Jackson
Estonia free to revive its own brewing culture AUG 1, 1994
Fortification at 'The Gibraltar of the North' JUNE 1, 1999
Big and rich beers from Finland's 'Suomenlinnan Panimo'
Working men's royal brews FEB 1, 1997
Sahti - rural beer with a great Finnish JAN 1, 1996
It's very drinkable, indeed, at the only pub in the world it's offered on draught
It's all aboard for a Koff on the beer tram DEC 1, 1995
In contrast, at the New Apothecary brewpub, they grind their grain in a coffee mill and brew in dairy tanks
Sweating up a suitable thirst APR 1, 1995
Trad ale in Finland keeps its Pedda up NOV 1, 1994
World's oldest beer style is back - thanks to a Lammi vegetable grower
Finns get all steamed up over sahti OCT 1, 1994
Supping at Santa's knee... DEC 1, 1990
Michael Jackson has a revealing interview with St. Nick
A new Frog hops into France NOV 29, 2000
Why getting the wind up means the beer is good SEPT 1, 1993
Brewery founder dug deep to slake workers' thirsts
Barking up the right tree with Alsatian beers JUNE 1, 1993
Bière safari in France's border country MAR 1, 1992
Part 2 of Michael Jackson's winding journey through France
Be on your guard for fine French beers FEB 1, 1992
Part 1 of Michael Jackson's winding journey through France
Why the Germans should win ... MAY 25, 2006
As the World Cup warms up, Michael Jackson visits the host cities, and picks his team
Going for Gose AUG 31, 2000
Reporting live from Leipzig, on a major new brewpub reviving a classic style
Taking English ales to Germany SEPT 1, 1998
Then rounding off a day of diverse tastes in the local pubs
Porter! Take me to the castle of Dr Hoepfner ... APR 1, 1998
German porter has deep roots in Black Forest APR 1, 1998
Joys from the black stuff MAR 1, 1997
Bavarian beers for all seasons SEPT 17, 1994
Munich's Oktoberfest is a good excuse to visit the city and its Alpine hinterland
Bock brings the Germans rushing to the beer garden APR 1, 1993
How Herr Heller keeps Cologne's beer flag flying JAN 1, 1993
...and brings his Kšlsch to a new generation of beer drinkers
A working prince who keeps a royal head on his beer NOV 1, 1992
Bavaria's best advice is -- try the Weiss SEPT 1, 1991
Michael Jackson visits Erdinger to taste weiss for all seasons
Looking for the King of Beers... JULY 15, 2001 the lagering cellars of Budapest, Hungary
Pints of chocolate FEB 14, 1998
Dublin - stout in hand - makes a perfect spot for a romantic weekend
Failing to meet The Ginger Man MAR 1, 1996
A parable for St Patrick's
Brewery with its own abbey - it must be Ireland FEB 1, 1993
Italian brewpub 'Union' shows promise MAY 1, 1999
Notes from the road: Turin DEC 8, 1998
Beer in Mr Edo's era JUNE 1, 1998
Catching up with an old brewing friend in Japan
Japanese ale fans caught in Net MAY 1, 1997
Growth of small breweries continues at a dynamic rate
Beer tops new heights up Fuji JUNE 1, 1996
Frontier spirit brought brew pub law change
Japan's beer turns turtle - even in the land of Ninja MAY 1, 1996
Last word in ale in land of rising yeast SEPT 1, 1992
Beer springs eternal in new Japanese brewpubs JUNE 1, 1998
Latvia leaves the dark ages of home brew NOV 1, 1995
Gone are the days when sacks of barley were placed in a river to sprout
From Leeds to Lithuania for mushy pea beer OCT 1, 1995
Does a lager brewed in part from peas constitute a style?
A good beer is a thorny problem down Mexico way , 0778
Exploring the food, drink, and hangover cures of Mexico
Notes from the road: Amsterdam DEC 7, 1998
Holland's giant cleans up its act - on the quiet NOV 1, 1993
New Zealand on my mind JULY 1, 1997
Where there were only 10 small breweries now there are 60
Odin's glass of nectar DEC 4, 1993
Michael Jackson learns the secret of Norway's home brews, passed down via Viking "magic sticks"
Egging them on in the Land of the Midnight Ol... JAN 1, 1992
Arthur's last brew in ale's Lost World DEC 1, 1991
Bread of heaven beer in Russia's post-red snows FEB 1, 1998
Porter and kvass in St. Petersburg FEB 1, 1998
Lion Stout NOV 1, 2000
Notes from the road: Stockholm DEC 10, 1998
Kid and the Bear Cub brew up a storm DEC 1, 1996
The Goodland island and its ancient beers DEC 1, 1996
Gotland has 60,000 people, 96 churches, and several hundred brewers
Hunting the highest beer FEB 4, 2002
Over the moon in the steps of brewing monks MAR 1, 1996
In the ruins of St. Gall we have the earliest layout of a brewery in Europe
Nuclear bomb shelters and the world's strongest beers DEC 1, 1986
With Samichlaus newly revived, a look back at Michael Jackson's first full-length story on the beer, 14 years ago
Hate the pun, love the pub SEPT 24, 2002
Sherlock's Home is too clever by half, but the beers are terrific ... and this Saturday (Sept 28, 2002), I'll be presenting my annual tasting of distilled malt in Minnetonka, Minnesota
A tale of two countries AUG 1, 2001
Notes from the road: London, Glasgow DEC 5, 1998
Pints you can bank on AUG 8, 1998
The former national headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Scotland hosts a spectacular pub
Flying Fish and High Point, in New Jersey OCT 1, 1997
There's no finer spot for a pub crawl AUG 14, 1993
The beer drinker's malt whisky FEB 6, 1993
Michael Jackson reports on the flavour of the month.
A great British beer tour AUG 15, 1992
9/11 One woman's steps to normality SEPT 9, 2002
A closer look at some favorite New York pubs
The one point that was missed by American Heritage JULY 15, 2002
The U.S. has the world's best selection of beers, and that's the truth
A favorite pub APR 22, 2002
The Rockies' rival to Rodenbach OCT 24, 2001
Why I would rather be in Alaska JAN 2, 2001
Arctic devil of a job JULY 1, 2000
January in Alaska: Part II
A few words from the Exalted Ruler MAY 1, 2000
January in Alaska: Part I
Notes from the road December 1998 JAN 30, 1999
Belgian styles, refreshing lagers and plenty more from small breweries
I would do Conan's TV show again DEC 18, 1998
Should I have known better? What do you think?
Notes from the road: Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore, New York OCT 28, 1998
Last two weeks October, 1998
A warm welcome in the 50th state OCT 1, 1998
South Carolina offers a proclamation, plus plenty of breweries
Headed toward the fiftieth state AUG 29, 1998
Finding flavor in Florida AUG 1, 1998
From airports to theme parks, decent beers popping up everywhere
Visiting the aley everglades JULY 1, 1998
Suddenly, Florida offers beer with character in some unlikely surroundings
Notes from Michael Jackson, on a visit to the Chicago area OCT 1, 1997
Newly tasted in Montana OCT 1, 1997
Showing the tartan flag in Big Apple NOV 1, 1996
A pub serving cask beer, and more to look for in Manhattan
Micros bloom in Windy City MAY 1, 1994
High spot: brew pub fired by chinese woks....
I find peaks of perfection in Rocky brew pubs APR 1, 1994
North by north west, the micros are blooming MAR 1, 1994
The great American pub crawl (Part 2 of 2) SEPT 22, 1990
The conclusion of Michael Jackson's epic beer odyssey
The Great American Pub Crawl, Part I SEPT 22, 1990
Michael Jackson zigzagged across the United States on a beer-hunt that bagged him some 350 potions and left him feeling like Lenny Bruce on booze - part 1 of 2
Ale news from Albuquerque SEPT 1, 1990
I liked the brew dry hopped with roast chiles
It's up, up and away to drink smoked porter out on the ice FEB 1, 1990
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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