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A visit to the Macfarlane Brewing Company, Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, Arizona, former Hops! brewer Peter Macfarlane now has his own micro, with brother Stephen. It is a well-designed brewery that looks set to succeed. Early products include a light lager -- soft, clean, malty and spicy but not really hoppy enough for its description as a Pils; a lightly chewy, malty, well-balanced, Oktoberfest; a popular Hefe-Weizen, with a "bananas and cream" aroma and palate, finishing with notes of Seville orange and clove; and a Holiday Ale, burgundy to dark brown in color, with licorice-toffee flavors and a restrained spiciness. (Ginger root, nutmeg, cinnamon and orange peel are used, but very sparingly.) The Holiday Ale, made with a lager yeast but at warm temperature, has a hefty 7.0 per cent alcohol by volume. Even in the hot weather that is November in Phoenix, I loved it.

The Macfarlane Brewing Company has a tasting room, open afternoons, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or by arrangement. It is at 202 South 29th St., Phoenix. (In the warehouse district, near the airport.) Tel. (602) 914-9190.

Published Online: OCT 1, 1997
Published in Print: OCT 1, 1997
In: Beer Hunter Online

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