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The man on the right, Petr Vanek, is guarding some valuable exhibits, representing the art of the brewer. They are not old masters; they are contemporary, and fresh. I can testify, as I bought several. Among them were two powerful creations from East Bohemia. a fruity, oily, Porter of 8.0 per cent alcohol, from Pardubice; and Primator Double Dark, at 10 per cent, with a sweet fruitiness that reminded me of cherry brandy, from Nachod. I also enjoyed a dryish honey beer, from Cerna Hora, in Moravia.

They were among 186 beers from 28 breweries. A further half dozen breweries will soon be included in the gallery, at which point every independent in the Czech Republic will be represented.

The Beer Gallery is in a 1930s shop premises, originally a post office. Petr until recently ran a business there selling beer-tapping equipment. This business suffered as the big brewers began to supply their own dispense systems. One or two antique items of beer equipment dress the window. The

shop is presided over by Petr's wife and business partner Olga. There is also a small tasting room (picture, left).

The shop is on a quiet street in a neighborhood six miles north of Prague's city centre. Ten dollars should cover the cab fare (agree it in advance with the driver). Or streetcar 12 or 14 from Wenceslas Square. Get off at Holesovice Komunardo. Turn into a street called U Pruhonu, and look for number nine. The name in Czech is as for Email: Tel 02/20870613 (some English spoken). Fax 02/66712763. Open daily 10.0am-8.0pm. Sundays 10.0am-1.0pm.

Published: NOV 27, 2001
In: Beer Hunter Online

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