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There is a world of arousing aroma and flavour out there, so stimulating that they often provoke thought as well.

I'm always willing to give you my opinion, so proceed at your own risk.

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LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
Did this article inspire the brewpub mayor? JUNE 5, 2003
Belgians invade France: It's another beer war altogether JAN 24, 2003
Personal commentary by frontline reporter Michael Jackson
The breaking of Brakspear's: Succeeding by stealth SEPT 10, 2002
Miller merger could be a good thing JUNE 8, 2002
The future of the industry: Article based on the keynote speech at the Craft Brewers' Conference, in Cleveland, Ohio
The British aren't coming - Is this our message to the world? JUNE 8, 2002
Here's my take on a Top Ten American beers JUNE 4, 2002
Wine snobbery ... and brewers who won't learn or fight back MAR 1, 2002
Huber of Wisconsin JAN 15, 2002
A personal tribute to the man who made Augsburger
Mr Heineken dies JAN 4, 2002
His family business created the most international beer
Sound bites NOV 29, 2001
In the week that Interbrew seemed thirsty yet again
Beer and the challenge of wine SEPT 1, 2001
Wonderful beers... must it be Europe? SEPT 1, 2001
(Or could the U.S. learn to recognize its own great brews?)
How Bert Grant Saved The World AUG 3, 2001
Bold beers were the perfect weapon
In search of the sexiest brew FEB 1, 2001
In beer's new world, the news is good and bad JAN 1, 2001
A big man in beer DEC 1, 2000
People loved him like a brother
Ask Michael OCT 26, 2000
Half a dozen questions put by Marty Jones, a writer on the Denver weekly "Westword" - and the answers, unedited and uncut
Smell the blossoms while you can SEPT 12, 2000
A bittersweet report from Hoppy Valley
On selling beer AUG 24, 2000
Perhaps retailers should help customers as much with better beers as well as they do with fine wines
If it's British and good, let's dismiss it... JULY 29, 2000
On the eve of the Great British Beer Festival, some forthright opinions on a tough year for the country's native brews
Beer today ... more positions than the Kama Sutra? JULY 1, 1999
American beer drinkers have plenty of delicious options
Tips from a professional drinker JAN 2, 1999
The worse hangovers may require the most disgusting cures
Looking for a good small brewery? AUG 1, 1998
Despite all noise to the contrary, many make money ... and interesting beer
How to save a beer style JULY 1, 1998
There is no set procedure, but it starts with writing about it
Go with the grain NOV 29, 1997
The aroma-rich world of beer remains unexplained by many. Tap into it, says Michael Jackson.
Top glass AUG 2, 1997
Of all the bars in all the world - here's what's best to drink.
Why beer is best FEB 22, 1997
Ale is probably the world's most misunderstood drink
Better news in the hops gardens SEPT 7, 1996
The Hogs Back Brewery won the overall silver medal in the competition for Champion Beer of Britain 2000; notes from a 1996 visit to the brewery to taste its Hop Garden Gold
Failing to meet The Ginger Man MAR 1, 1996
A parable for St Patrick's
But don't drink the widget JAN 7, 1995
Here's a guess on the beers that will top the fashion charts in 1995
The local down in your pint MAY 21, 1994
When the French wanted to learn about the different styles of British beer, they consulted the expert. This is what Michael Jackson told them
It's quite an amusing little ale, sir APR 16, 1994
Will it be a Bishop's Tipple or Pete's Wicked Ale? Michael Jackson pores over restaurant beer lists and finds many offerings that are a match for wine.
Now I know why they call it the 'high' table MAR 19, 1994
At last, Michael Jackson got a place at Oxford. He learned how to tell one end of a dog from the other, drank a lot of beer, and then left.
Here's to the ale and female of the brewed FEB 5, 1994
It's time to turn out the lites JAN 8, 1994
Miller's Clear Beer died, but its Amber Ale lives, giving us reason to hope
Best Drunk When Fresh MAY 3, 1993
You wouldn't buy stale bread, so don't accept beer tasting of damp paper, says Michael Jackso
Shepherd Neame hops up to high table MAR 6, 1993
Michael Jackson, impassioned connoisseur, recommends a range of beers good enough to eat.
Pure genius, threatened by folly JAN 16, 1993
In the week that Guinness announces the closure of five whisky plants, Michael Jackson pleads for the survival of its finest beer
Tested by pigeons, drunk by the landlord AUG 1, 1992
Michael Jackson is toasting Yorkshire Day with a Timothy Taylor's bitter - his Beer of the Month
My true love loves a pint of beer FEB 15, 1992
Advertising has given beer drinking a masculine image and put off many potential female customers, says Michael Jackson
Brewing a good glass of water OCT 19, 1991
Too much snow or not enough rain can have a marked effect on our beer and whisky, says Michael Jackson
Those hoppy days are here again SEPT 21, 1991
Only a month short of harvest time, Michael Jackson praises aromatic plants that give British beers their distinct flavour
Peaches, bread and TCP AUG 17, 1991
Wine monopolises appropriate adjectives to describe its taste; but our whiskies and beers are just as complex, says Michael Jackson
It was a draught idea to put it in a can MAY 4, 1991
Tasting notes on a new range of canned beers and ales that attempt to capture the flavour of the local pub
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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