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There are few places better for beer hunting - where you may sample scores, even hundreds of beers, your bladder and liver willing.

At their best, beer festivals are festive. At their worst, there's still beer.

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LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
Don't fight: Just choose ten great beers from Germany MAY 12, 2003
Standing up to be counted
Hate the pun, love the pub SEPT 24, 2002
Sherlock's Home is too clever by half, but the beers are terrific ... and this Saturday (Sept 28, 2002), I'll be presenting my annual tasting of distilled malt in Minnetonka, Minnesota
HopDevil wins at GBBF AUG 7, 2002
Foreign Frontier advances: Especially Russians and Americans AUG 3, 2002
Can a Pils have an American accent? NOV 1, 2001
Judging at the world's best beer festival
Zero is a hero JULY 13, 2001
American brew wins in London
Scottish island's summer brew beats British 'Belgians' and 'Germans' JUNE 1, 2001
Great Beer Festivals: A new frontier MAY 1, 2001
Washington hosts historic tasting of British and Irish classics APR 6, 2001
If you were there, what did you think?
Washington rally for Belgian beer JAN 22, 2001
Why I would rather be in Alaska JAN 2, 2001
Judging at the GABF OCT 10, 2000
Belgium's beery weekend SEPT 21, 2000
How a Mild beat the Bitters AUG 2, 2000
The inside story on the Champion Beer of Britain
Arctic devil of a job JULY 1, 2000
January in Alaska: Part II
A few words from the Exalted Ruler MAY 1, 2000
January in Alaska: Part I
Famous Seamus celebrates St Paddy's MAR 17, 2000
Scullions Cask Ale judged Supreme Champion of Ireland independents
Britfest champ sets record AUG 4, 1999
Tasting notes from the Great British Beer Festival
Bokbier Fest AUG 1, 1999
When faced with 50-plus beers, Alfa is a good place to start
Fortification at 'The Gibraltar of the North' JUNE 1, 1999
Big and rich beers from Finland's 'Suomenlinnan Panimo'
Notes from the road: Stockholm DEC 10, 1998
Notes from the road: Copenhagen DEC 8, 1998
Notes from the road: Turin DEC 8, 1998
Notes from the road: Amsterdam DEC 7, 1998
Notes from the road: London, Glasgow DEC 5, 1998
Notes from the road: Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore, New York OCT 28, 1998
Last two weeks October, 1998
GABF Notes: Delights from a brewery in hop country OCT 5, 1998
GABF Tasting Notes: Oct. 5, 1998, Seattle, Washington
Notes from Denver and the GABF OCT 1, 1997
Top glass AUG 2, 1997
Of all the bars in all the world - here's what's best to drink.
Festival of Britain AUG 3, 1996
Lagers are in the dark at the celebration of cask-conditioned ales
From toffee apples to a bass-baritone AUG 7, 1993
What does it take to make good beer great? Michael Jackson on that Extra something.
The Name on Everyone's Lips APR 3, 1993
Timothy Taylor's bitter is the toast of the Great British Beer Festival says Michael Jackson
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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