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As most of you know, Michael Jackson passed away Aug. 30, 2007.

This website remains as an archive of just a portion of his work.


Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
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Published Online: JUNE 7, 2006 - Published In Print: MAY 25, 2006
As the World Cup warms up, Michael Jackson visits the host cities, and picks his team
Foreign Frontier advances: Especially Russians and Americans
Published Online: AUG 7, 2002 - Published In Print: AUG 3, 2002
The British aren't coming - Is this our message to the world?
Published Online: JUNE 13, 2002 - Published In Print: JUNE 8, 2002
Wine snobbery ... and brewers who won't learn or fight back
Published Online: MAY 6, 2002 - Published In Print: MAR 1, 2002
Beer and the challenge of wine
Published Online: JAN 21, 2002 - Published In Print: SEPT 1, 2001


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