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LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
Did this article inspire the brewpub mayor? JUNE 5, 2003
Don't fight: Just choose ten great beers from Germany MAY 12, 2003
Standing up to be counted
The empire strikes back MAR 3, 2003
Ethnic beers in Britain
Why Dollar celebrates tonight JAN 25, 2003
Reflections on a world record, as Washington gets a new beer bar JAN 24, 2003
Belgians invade France: It's another beer war altogether JAN 24, 2003
Personal commentary by frontline reporter Michael Jackson
Santa Claus upstaged by new Eisbock DEC 17, 2002
Hate the pun, love the pub SEPT 24, 2002
Sherlock's Home is too clever by half, but the beers are terrific ... and this Saturday (Sept 28, 2002), I'll be presenting my annual tasting of distilled malt in Minnetonka, Minnesota
The breaking of Brakspear's: Succeeding by stealth SEPT 10, 2002
9/11 One woman's steps to normality SEPT 9, 2002
A closer look at some favorite New York pubs
HopDevil wins at GBBF AUG 7, 2002
The one point that was missed by American Heritage JULY 15, 2002
The U.S. has the world's best selection of beers, and that's the truth
A diplomatic drink JULY 9, 2002
Miller merger could be a good thing JUNE 8, 2002
The future of the industry: Article based on the keynote speech at the Craft Brewers' Conference, in Cleveland, Ohio
Here's my take on a Top Ten American beers JUNE 4, 2002
Does the world understand Czech beers? MAY 20, 2002
(Even the famous ones)
A favorite pub APR 22, 2002
Where next for the Maven of Malt? MAR 4, 2002
Dorothy Goodbody's the girl for me FEB 11, 2002
Hunting the highest beer FEB 4, 2002
Spring beer winners JAN 31, 2002
Glass of '47 JAN 23, 2002
Can big be beautiful? JAN 23, 2002
Here's what they did with the beer JAN 23, 2002
They called it Double Scotch
Huber of Wisconsin JAN 15, 2002
A personal tribute to the man who made Augsburger
Prague abbey's new brewpub offers classic lagers JAN 7, 2002
Mr Heineken dies JAN 4, 2002
His family business created the most international beer
Post-holiday headaches? JAN 2, 2002
Hangovers can be just too painful to discuss
Thanking God for a 'precious' beer DEC 15, 2001
New York and London say it with beer DEC 10, 2001
Sound bites NOV 29, 2001
In the week that Interbrew seemed thirsty yet again
'The Beer Gallery' ... NOV 27, 2001
Notes from my tasting room: Starting with Samichlaus NOV 7, 2001
The Rockies' rival to Rodenbach OCT 24, 2001
Ale Cask Whisky? So what did they do with all that beer? SEPT 16, 2001
Caledonian Brewery and the makers of Glenfiddich have been fraternising
James Squire Porter SEPT 1, 2001
Herold Bohemian Black Lager AUG 31, 2001
Vrak AUG 21, 2001
How Bert Grant Saved The World AUG 3, 2001
Bold beers were the perfect weapon
A tale of two countries AUG 1, 2001
Mash Beer JULY 25, 2001
Looking for the King of Beers... JULY 15, 2001 the lagering cellars of Budapest, Hungary
Zero is a hero JULY 13, 2001
American brew wins in London
Popping corks in Antwerp JULY 2, 2001
Gulpener Korenwolf JUNE 19, 2001
Scottish island's summer brew beats British 'Belgians' and 'Germans' JUNE 1, 2001
Das feine Hofmark Pilsener MAY 22, 2001
Taking the waters? MAY 21, 2001
How a country brewery became a giant
It happened in Monterrey MAY 3, 2001
In a visit to a brewery in Mexico the secret of eternal youth is discovered
Great Beer Festivals: A new frontier MAY 1, 2001
Blessed by Playboy APR 17, 2001
Casta Morena APR 2, 2001
American brewer's Irish beer wins in Britain MAR 14, 2001
Franciscans do well for St Patrick's
Czeching out the harvest MAR 11, 2001
Pilsen and Budweis are cities in Bohemia...but the great barley comes from the state next door
Wellington County Iron Duke MAR 2, 2001
Having a smashing time... MAR 1, 2001
Shannon and the secret sisterhood FEB 19, 2001
Rodenbach juggles its tuns FEB 14, 2001
A visit to the brewery reveals some promising sensibilites
A champion beer for Burns' Night JAN 24, 2001
Washington rally for Belgian beer JAN 22, 2001
St Bernardus Tripel JAN 21, 2001
Why I would rather be in Alaska JAN 2, 2001
Notes from my tasting room DEC 31, 2000
Winter beers
Hoepfner Porter DEC 30, 2000
Christmas in London DEC 24, 2000
Facing up to success
A devilish Christmas in Austria DEC 11, 2000
A new Frog hops into France NOV 29, 2000
Coming for the holidays... NOV 6, 2000
America's first 'Cave Beer'
From Ford cars to pints of Engine Oil NOV 2, 2000
A new winter ale from Scotland
Lion Stout NOV 1, 2000
Some beers for Halloween OCT 29, 2000
Ask Michael OCT 26, 2000
Half a dozen questions put by Marty Jones, a writer on the Denver weekly "Westword" - and the answers, unedited and uncut
Judging at the GABF OCT 10, 2000
News: Samichlaus is back OCT 4, 2000
Notes from the road, October, 2000
James Squire Amber Ale OCT 1, 2000
Belgium's beery weekend SEPT 21, 2000
Smell the blossoms while you can SEPT 12, 2000
A bittersweet report from Hoppy Valley
Maisel's Weisse Original AUG 31, 2000
Going for Gose AUG 31, 2000
Reporting live from Leipzig, on a major new brewpub reviving a classic style
Updates from August 2000 AUG 18, 2000
A Dublin pub opens in London, plus notes from my tasting room
How a Mild beat the Bitters AUG 2, 2000
The inside story on the Champion Beer of Britain
Malheur JULY 31, 2000
Notes from the road, July 2000 JULY 15, 2000
Herold Svelte JUNE 29, 2000
Wittekerke MAY 31, 2000
Notes from my tasting room, May 2000 MAY 23, 2000
Come try more than 20 beers from 7 countries
Greene King's Olde Suffolk FEB 1, 2000
Winter classic still made by blending old and young beers
Notes from my tasting room, January 2000 JAN 18, 2000
Warming beers for a mid-winter night
Mahr's Bräu Ungespundet hefetrüb SEPT 10, 1999
Cristal Alken SEPT 7, 1999
A Czech-style classic from Belgium
Notes from my tasting room, September 1999 SEPT 1, 1999
Come try beers from nine different countries
Britfest champ sets record AUG 4, 1999
Tasting notes from the Great British Beer Festival
Belgium's Great Beers JULY 30, 1999
Your guide to enjoying the country and its beers
Notes from the road December 1998 JAN 30, 1999
Belgian styles, refreshing lagers and plenty more from small breweries
I would do Conan's TV show again DEC 18, 1998
Should I have known better? What do you think?
Apparent death of Santa Claus DEC 1, 1998
Notes from the road: Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore, New York OCT 28, 1998
Last two weeks October, 1998
From Seattle to Minnesota, with stops between OCT 9, 1998
GABF Notes: Delights from a brewery in hop country OCT 5, 1998
GABF Tasting Notes: Oct. 5, 1998, Seattle, Washington
An American brewer chooses Freedom in Britain SEPT 18, 1998
Michael Jackson's report on the winners of this year's Great British Beer Festival OCT 1, 1997
Tasted recently on a wintry visit to Sweden OCT 1, 1997
More discoveries from the GABF, and hot homebrews too OCT 1, 1997
England's latest Ringwood yeast beers and other delights OCT 1, 1997
Two small beers from big brewers OCT 1, 1997
Notes from Denver and the GABF OCT 1, 1997
New offerings from Marston's and McMullen's OCT 1, 1997
A stocking-full of Christmas beers OCT 1, 1997
Six from the Netherlands OCT 1, 1997
Recently tasted, at the newish Climax micro-brewery, Roselle Park, New Jersey. OCT 1, 1997
A visit to the Macfarlane Brewing Company, Phoenix, Arizona OCT 1, 1997
Three heartland breweries OCT 1, 1997
Two tasty recommendations from Michael Jackson OCT 1, 1997
Notes from Michael Jackson, on a visit to the Chicago area OCT 1, 1997
Positively the last of winter brews OCT 1, 1997
Newly tasted in Montana OCT 1, 1997
New tastes from Texas OCT 1, 1997
Flying Fish and High Point, in New Jersey OCT 1, 1997
Three winter latecomers from diverse locations OCT 1, 1997
Bavarian beers for all seasons SEPT 17, 1994
Munich's Oktoberfest is a good excuse to visit the city and its Alpine hinterland
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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