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The Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, describes the creation of the world in 200 verses, but needs 400 in which to explain the origins of beer. This is no small subject, which is why Jackson devoted much of his life learning about beer, the brewers who make it, the breweries where they work and a variety of beer cultures.

Beer Hunting/Travel

Even in great brewing countries, the most interesting beers are often a minority taste. They have to be hunted.

Brewery Reviews

Large brewers have the skills to make distinctive beers, but often the most interesting beers and the most interesting stories come from small breweries.

Beer Reviews

Some beers must be considered because they are so widely available, some because they are so distinctive.

Beer Event Reviews

There are few places better for beer hunting - where you may sample scores, even hundreds of beers, your bladder and liver willing.

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